Widening and Improvement of City Main Roads:-

  • Station Road
  • Court Road
  • Momin Road & Jamalkhan Road
  • Road from Barik Building to Saltgola
  • CDA Avenue
  • Khulshi Road
  • Jubilee Road
  • Dhaka Trunk Road
  • O. R. Nizam Road
  • Chatteswari Road
  • Sirajuddoulla Road
  • Anderkilla Road
  • Kapashgola Road
  • Hathazari Road
  • Oxygen-Quaish Road
  • Sagorica Road
  • Bayozid Bostami Road
  • Sadarghat and Firingi Bazar Road

Construction of New Roads:

  • Link Road from Chaktai to Karnaphuli Bridge Approach Road
  • Road from Saltgola to Patenga Bazar
  • Missing Link Road
  • Port Connecting Road
  • Connecting Road from Patenga Bazar to Air Port
  • D. C. Link Road (Left Bank of River Karnaphuli)
  • Connecting Road from Station Road to Tiger pass Road
  • Approach Road from Bahaddarhat Bus Terminal (by the side of Arakan Road) to Karnaphuli Bridge Approach Road
  • Loop Road of Dewanhat Junction
  • Khulshi Road (1st phase)
  • Chittagong City Outer Ring Road

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