Introduction & History

CDA is the statutory planning and development authority for the Chittagong Metropolitan Area (CMA), was created in 1959 under the provision of the CDA Ordinance 1959, established by Bangladesh Government in order to ensure the planned and systematic growth of the city. The development of Chittagong has substantial impact on the overall development of Bangladesh. It is today the authority for planning, promoting and developing the CMA. CDA is working under the Ministry of Housing and Public works of the Government.

Chittagong and CDA

Chittagong is the second-largest and main seaport of Bangladesh. Situated on the banks of the Karnaphuli River, it is the principle city of Chittagong Division and a major center of commerce and industry in South Asia. The city, under the jurisdiction of the city corporation, has a population of about 2.5 million and is constantly growing.

It is also the Commercial Capital City of Bangladesh. The surrounding mountains and rivers make the city attractive. Karnaphuli River falls in Chittagong. The largest land port of the country, “Chittagong Port”, situated in Chittagong. That’s why Chittagong is the city for export and import. Most of the large industries of Bangladesh are situated in Chittagong.
Chittagong is an ideal vacation spot. Its green hills and forests, its broad sandy beaches and its fine cool climate always attract the holiday-makers.

Described by the Chinese traveler poet, Huen Tsang (7th century A D) as “a sleeping beauty emerging from mists and water” and given the title of “Porto Grande” by the 16th both the descriptions even today. It combines the busy hum of an active seaport with the soothing quiet of a charming hill town.

Chittagong is the country’s chief port and is the main site for the establishment of heavy, medium and light industries. Bangladesh’s only steel mill and oil refinery are also located in Chittagong.
CDA has played a vital role in the orderly-yet-rapid development of Chittagong. The city has become the residence of choice for more than 2.5 million people and this number continues to increase.


The major functions/activities of this authority are as follows:

  • Preparation of master plan for Chittagong city and the area in the vicinity and its continuous review
  • Preparation of short term and long-term development programs for improvement and expansion of Chittagong city. This includes construction of new roads, widening and improvement of major city roads, construction of shopping complex, development of industrial and residential estates and commercial plots and other necessary urban developments
  • Exercising planning control over the structure plan as per provision of CDA Ordinance and Govt. approved Master Plan
  • Development control within the preview of Bangladesh Building Construction Acts, 1952 with its subsequent revisions