CDA-History Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) is the statutory planning and development authority for the Chittagong Metropolitan Area (CMA), was created in 1959 under the provision of the CDA Ordinance 1959, established by Bangladesh Government in order to ensure the planned and systematic growth of the city. The development of Chittagong has substantial impact on the overall development of Bangladesh. The Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) was established to provide:-

  • Development
  • Improvement and
  • Expansion of the town of Chittagong and certain areas in its vicinity.

Major Role of CDA

  • Development Control
  • Development Promotion
  • Development Permission

The major functions of this authority are as follows:

  • Preparation of master plan for Chittagong city and the area in the vicinity and its continuous review
  • Preparation of short term and long-term development programs for improvement and expansion of Chittagong city. This includes construction of new roads, widening and improvement of major city roads, construction of shopping complex, development of industrial and residential estates and commercial plots and other necessary urban developments
  • Exercising planning control over the structure plan as per provision of CDA Ordinance and Govt. approved Master Plan
  • Development control within the preview of Bangladesh Building Construction Acts, 1952 with its subsequent revisions

Activities of CDA

  • Planning Initiatives
  • Physical Infrastructure Projects
    • Government Funded
    • Self Financed
  • Housing Projects
  • Urban utility project (market, community center, parks, office buildings, religious center etc.)

CDA Jurisdiction 1995 Structure Plan Area: (1152 sq-km.) CDA Boundary North     :  Bashbaria of Shitakunda South     :  Sangu River East        :  Ishakhali of Rangunia West      :  Bay of Bengal Chittagong Metropolitan Master Plan The Plan was prepared with UNDP & UNCHS financial and technical assistance in the year 1995, though it was approved by Govt. in the year 1999 and it replaced the 1961 Master Plan. The major components:

  • Structure Plan (1995-2015)
  •  Urban Development Plan (1995-2005)
  •  Detailed Area Plan (Up to 2015 )
  •  Long Term Development Strategy for Traffic and  Transportation for Chittagong (1995-2015)
  •  Storm Water and Drainage Master Plan (1995-2015)

Structure Plan (1995-2015) Major Features:

  • Strategic Plan for the CDA controlled area of 1152 sq- km.
  • Indication for infilling of vacant  land
  • Guideline for the management of the regional growth
  • A total of 76 Strategies and guidelines in the following sectors: Population, Economy, Spatial Development Strategy, Housing, Community Facility, Transport, Infrastructure Services etc.

Urban Development Plan (1995-2005) Major Features:

  • Concentrated only on the urbanized area of 259 sq-km.
  • Land use Zoning
  • Guideline for Development Control, Development Promotion and Guided Development.

Detailed Area Plan (Gob Financed) Major Features:

  • Pro-People Planning
  •  Encourage the development and expansion of CMMP Area
  •  Creation of a GIS Database for the study area
  •  Study each particular area in greater details
  •  Formulations of Development Proposals for Roads, Drain, Utility Facilities etc.
  •  Identification & Reservation of Open Spaces, Water bodies, Hills
  •  Prepare detail guideline for land use, Land use Control and   management

Infrastructure development To make easier the infrastructure development strategy  public-private partnerships (PPP) may be a good solution to meet infrastructure development and to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as well. The government plays a great role in PPPs as it forms a means to increase the quantity and quality of infrastructure investment. CDA welcome consultations between the CDA and private sector to start direct dialogue on PPP, and to work out the specific issues and recommendations. As per the development plan CDA always expect local and foreign partner to be involved in the development process. Roads and Traffic Congestion Control The transportation component of Chittagong Metropolitan Master Plan contains a present situation report, an immediate action plan and a long term development strategy for traffic and transportation. Under long term Development Strategy an extensive development strategy has been undertaken for future transport planning purpose in Chittagong. CDA is working as per the principal recommendation of the strategy, which includes—

  • Establishment of Roads hierarchically in the city
  • Highway improvement
  • Provision of Railway over bridge at several sites
  • Improvement of Road and Transport Services
  • Industrial Strengthening
  • Improvements of other modes, namely waterways, aviation and railways.

Residential/Housing facility CDA is playing a great role for minimizing the residential problem. More than 7000 plot has been allocated and many of them have handed over to minimize the residential problem. To ensure all facilities in residential areas like educational or heath facility, CDA is trying to invite different international institution/company to open their branch in CDA’s residential area. Apollo Hospital and Delhi Public school are few of them. CDA is constructing a 20 storied Commercial cum residential building (Kajir Dewri Kacha Bazar) in the downtown for solving the housing problem and promoting business sector. To promote the development of Garments sector CDA with collaboration of BGMEA (Bangladesh Garments Manufacturing and Export Authority) constructing a dormitory for the low income worker in the Garments Sector. Moreover, ‘CDA Square’- a project is to create a replicable mechanism to deliver affordable flats to the middle income people by intensive and economical land use plan. Commercial Zone Development For business development CDA has developed some commercial and Industrial Area also. Different shopping centre has been constructed and maintained by CDA. ‘Biponi Bitan’- known as Chittagong New Market is an ancient market which is still a symbol of well architectural and structural design. Other Markets named- Pahartali market, Karnophuli market, Soloshahar Market are few of them. Tourism & CDA CDA takes various initiatives to enrich the tourism sector of Chittagong. The following tourist spots are developed by CDA:

  • Butterfly Park
  • Nandonic DC Hill Park & CRB Landscape development(future development)